Tundi Agardy

Tundi Agardy, an editor and filmmaker, is founder and director of Sound Seas, which promotes marine conservation through science and sociology.

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Thinking Big, Valuing the Priceless

Big-picture, government-led efforts, involving markets and civil society, could prove to be the last salvation for our precious downstream and offshore ecosystems.

What ails the oceans is not solely the consequence of the race to fish. Nor is it the catastrophic effects of oil spills and ocean dumping. Nor is it the habitat loss associated with coastal development and sprawl. It is all of these things and more -- the oceans are dying the death of a thousand cuts. Why does the world stand by while the seas, covering three-quarters of the earth's surface and containing the bulk of the earth's biodiversity, decline and degrade? It is because we do not adequately value the ocean for all the goods and services it provides us and do not appreciate the extent to which those ecosystem services are lost by what we do on land as well as by what we do in the sea. We have substantial knowledge about what areas are the most important to protect. We have well-developed tools to do something about it. But we have been horribly timid about applying our knowledge and tools. To be truly effective in facing down insidious and persistent threats to our seas and...