Mark Davis

Mark Davis is a senior research fellow at Tulane University Law School. He also is the director of the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy. He lives in New Orleans.

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Not by Accident

The wholesale damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina was not an inevitability. A sustainable New Orleans is still possible.

New Orleans was built in a place that is both insane and inevitable. The culture of the City and the region is both parochial and cosmopolitan. The swamps and marshes that define the region's landscape seem timeless -- even primordial -- yet are mere thousands of years old and incredibly dynamic, geologically and hydrologically. New Orleans can be simultaneously inspiring, romantic, and frightening. No wonder virtual cottage industries of defenders and critics of the city and its future have emerged with such passion and numbers in the years since Hurricane Katrina roared across the landscape in August of 2005. In the bipolar world of post-Katrina New Orleans, I have found myself in both camps -- sometimes on the same day -- but I keep coming back to one fact: New Orleans was not an accident. It was not founded by mistake. It did not grow to be a great city by happenstance. It was not ruined by random forces. That simple fact, the city's un-accidental nature, is what makes New Orleans...