Kellie Lunney

Kellie Lunney is a reporter for National Journal in Washington.

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A Gulf of Good Intentions

Back in November 2005, barely three months after Hurricane Katrina, the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Land Institute presented its recommendations for rebuilding a post-apocalyptic New Orleans. One recommendation called for shrinking the city footprint, envisioning new, protected green space in areas deemed unsuitable for rebuilding. With emotions still raw, a city wracked by poverty and racism lashed out at what it perceived as another slap in the face. The public soundly rejected the idea, and so ultimately did Mayor Ray Nagin, who was re-elected a few months later. "They presented to the public the plan, with giant green dots that said future park land," says Jennifer Zell, a graduate student in landscape architecture at Louisiana State University. "People thought, 'They are going to bulldoze this whole place and turn it into swampland.' People wanted to rebuild." But despite this setback, Zell believes that a strategy for sustainable development is one of the things that will save...