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The Uneasy Case for a National Law on Abortion

Congressional action may be the one way to preserve the right to abortion nationwide. But for advocates of choice, enacting legislation will mean making some strategic compromises.

As the political conflict over abortion in America has moved from the courts to the elected branches of government, many people have expected that the states, rather than the federal government, would become the key to preserving abortion rights. But while the states undoubtedly will be critical battlegrounds, supporters of reproductive choice do have another option. They can press Congress to enact national legislation guaranteeing the right to abortion. If, as seems likely, the Supreme Court continues to erode and perhaps ultimately reverses Roe v. Wade , federal legislation may be the only way to establish nationwide the reproductive rights that the Court no longer finds protected by the Constitution itself. The logic of national legislation is clear. Leaving abortion policy entirely to the states will produce a patchwork quilt of laws, permissive in states like California and New York, harshly restrictive in others with politically powerful pro-life movements. Recently, for...