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Afghanistan Sketches

Victor Juhasz
*/ In July 2011, equipped with his sketching tools, a camera, borrowed Kevlar, and Dragon Skin body armor, illustrator Victor Juhasz arrived in Kandahar, Afghanistan, to embed for three weeks with Major Shane Mendenhall and his medevac unit, the 1-52nd Arctic Dustoff out of Fairbanks, Alaska, as well as members of Alpha Company 7-101 from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Juhasz had participated in the United States Air Force Art Program for several years, documenting in drawings various Air Force operations on bases around the U.S. and overseas. This independent trip, with extended time in a war zone, would give him a chance to do more. “Rendering planes in the sky or on the ground had not been what drew me to the program,” Juhasz writes. “I was looking to draw real people who happen to be warriors; to witness and create images both on the spot and back in the studio telling their stories.” Presented here is a sampling of his work and observations from his trip...

A Strategic Plan for Liberals

In August of 1971, corporate attorney Lewis Powell—two months shy of his appointment to the United States Supreme Court by President Richard Nixon—wrote a memo to Eugene Sydnor Jr., who chaired the education committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In Powell’s and the chamber’s view, the American free-enterprise system, and conservatism more generally, was losing the battle of ideas and policy to an ascendant liberalism. “No thoughtful person,” Powell wrote, “can question that the American economic system is under broad attack.” Forty-one years later, Powell’s memo can seem more than a little paranoid. Such marginal figures as William Kunstler and Herbert Marcuse loomed large on Powell’s list of threats to the American system. But Powell was correct that conservatism had been marginalized for decades by New Deal liberalism. American social scientists, he noted, were largely liberal; environmental regulations were...

Get Out the Instagram

Michael Collis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laurence Moore, Santa Clara, California Johanna Brugman, Washington state (where all ballots are by mail) Aryeh Cohen-Wade, Rochester, New York Jason Packman, Japan I live in Japan, and the county where I am now registered allows overseas voters to send in their ballot by fax (albeit with a waiver saying you forfeit your right to a secret ballot) So here is the fax machine I used the morning of the sixth in Japan to send in my ballot. Njaila Rhee, Newark, New Jersey Bernadette Kelly, New York City Baruch College. Hour wait. Jeremy, New York City Here is my roommate Alex voting in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY Jamelle Bouie, Virginia Patrick Caldwell, Washington, DC Lisa Edelson I voted absentee last week from this computer in Lausanne, Switzerland. I'm still waiting for them to e-mail back my "I voted" sticker. :-) Dawn Thomas My three children walking with me to vote. Jeremy, Michigan Chip Howard, Nogales, Arizona Gabriel Arana, Washington...

"And Now Begins the Overreaction."

Opening Remarks Opening gambits: Obama croons "Let's Stay Together," Romney counters with "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain." — Paul Waldman (@paulwaldman1) October 4, 2012 I'm confused. I was led to believe this would be a debate between Jeremiah Wright and Orly Taitz. — Jesse Walker (@notjessewalker) October 4, 2012 This is like watching a tax law professor debate an investment advice infomercial host — daveweigel (@daveweigel) October 4, 2012 Moderator Bashing ... — Silent Jim Lehrer (@SilentJimLehrer) October 4, 2012 Jim Lehrer is watching "Homeland" on his iPad. — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 4, 2012 Jim Lehrer seems kinda crotchety, but we really need Eastwood moderating this debate. — Molly Ball (@mollyesque) October 4, 2012 JIM LEHRER IS A REPLACEMENT REF — Kevin Lincoln (@KTLincoln) October 4, 2012 I like when Twitter moves this fast, because it means we're all just shouting into the ether, and not actually reading any of...

Debate Prep, the Domestic Policy Round

(AP Photos)
The first of three presidential debates will take place today at the University of Colorado in Denver and focus on domestic policy. Here's a list of the best pieces we've published about each candidate's domestic-policy agenda. Economy Obama Obama's Squandered Economy , Rich Yeselson Is Obama Too Calm Before the Storm? , Tim Fernholz Barack Obama's Theory of Power , Robert Kuttner Romney Mitt Romney, Servant of the Right , Jamelle Bouie Why "Knowing How the Economy Works" Is Not Enough , Paul Waldman Health Care (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) In this March 23, 2010 file photo, President Barack Obama signs the Affordable Care Act in the East Room of the White House in Washington. When you vote in November 2012, you'll be voting for more than a president; you'll be casting a ballot for and against a checklist of policies that touch your life and shape the country you live in. It can be hard to see through the process that the election is a contest of actual ideas, but it is always...