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Live Coverage of Zuccotti Park Raid

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Occupy Oakland

Each week, the Prospect will be profiling a different "Occupy Wall Street" protest across the country. This week: Oakland.

Live Coverage of #OccupyWallSt

The Prospect crowd-sources protests on Wall Street and in cities across the country today.

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Beyond 9/11 At the blog of the Society for U.S. Intellectual History, Ben Alpers responds to Rick Perlstein’s piece about America’s conflicted response to the September 11 attacks (“Solidarity Squandered”): “Perlstein’s portrait of the political aftermath of 9/11 is entirely on the mark. If much of the political business of 2008 involved undoing the damage of the Bush years—much of which was directly connected to the response to the 9/11 attacks—that business remains largely incomplete. “And yet, I’m suspicious of his framing narrative. It seems to me that two kinds of solidarity bled into each other in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. One was entirely healthful: the solidarity that binds communities together in the wake of disaster. … The search-and-rescue effort and the physical and emotional task of re-establishing some sense of normalcy partook of a kind of local and national solidarity that is wholly worthy of...


The Gentrification Question In response to Adam Serwer's piece on how Washington, D.C., has changed over the last decade ("A City Divided"), reader Nick Sementelli writes: "As a white, young professional who has successively migrated east over my six years in the city (from Georgetown to Shaw to Bloomingdale), I'm squarely in the center of the 'gentrification' phenomenon, and I'm eminently familiar with both the tensions these changes foster and the confusion/guilt my peers and I struggle with in how to approach them. "One thing Serwer points out that I've always been struck by is how these debates tend to focus on fairly aesthetic issues: restaurants, bike lanes, dog parks, etc. I understand the symbolic importance of these things, of course, but I worry that it gives us new residents too easy an out. The common response -- highlighting that the advantages of nicer neighborhoods (less crime, more amenities, better transit options) benefit neighbors new and old alike -- is certainly...