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The Prospect Goes to the Oscars

Here are our reviews of some of this year's big hits so you can catch up before Sunday's show. 

Have you made your Oscar picks for this Sunday's Academy Awards broadcast yet? No fear, we've collected all our reviews of this year's nominated films so you can cram before the big show, and pass off Tom Carson's less-than-effusive thoughts on Midnight in Paris as your own (if you so choose). Don't forget to check in next week for our special Oscars-themed Vox and Friends podcast! Woody Allen's Excellent Adventure By Tom Carson Midnight in Paris is nothing more than a dilettante's guide to the City of Lights . In the running for: Best Picture; Best Original Screenplay The Help's Same Old Story By Zerlina Maxwell The film boasts Oscar-worthy performances but spotlights black exploitation in Hollywood. In the running for: Best Picture; Best Actress; Best Supporting Actress The Help's Same Old Story From London, With Angst By Jake Blumgart Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy chronicles the last days of Britain as a superpower. In the running for: Best Actor From London, With Angst More Like...

State of Disunion

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This month's Noted

In our November issue, John Powers compiled a glossary of terms conservatives use in ways that don’t match standard dictionary definitions (“The Right Word”). Reader Riley Simpson wrote, “I think this glossary should become a website (perhaps Wackipedia) that could be added to and edited by whoever has a new observation of ConSpeak to offer up.” He may be onto something, because an appeal to readers to help expand the list garnered a huge response. Here are some of the suggested additions. You can contribute yours at . AMERICAN DREAM : A fantasyland in which the unprivileged are entitled to a home, education, and health care. —Beverly Weiss ASSOCIATE : An aide or friend of a Republican president or high official. — Leonard Boasberg COMMON SENSE : What I think (but don’t want to describe right now because if you knew what it was, you might actually not agree with me) regardless of any basis in rational thought or...