Bob Edgar

Bob Edgar is the president and CEO of Common Cause.

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A 21st-Century Agenda for Democratic Renewal

We stand on the threshold of a new age of democratic potential. Here's how to harness it.

The 2008 elections in many ways showed that American democracy is still alive. Millions of voters volunteered for or donated to their favored candidates. Thanks to a free, open, and vibrant Internet, we could all tap an amazing wealth of viewpoints and news sources on the election, fact-check the debates and attack ads, and join the dialogue. Finally, on Election Day, almost 130 million of us -- the highest turnout in 100 years -- came out to vote, many of us waiting in poll lines for hours. When challenged, we held our ground and called on thousands of election-protection volunteers to protect our right to vote. After years of frustration at seeing wealthy special interests corrupt and hijack our government, we stand on the threshold of a new age of democratic potential. We have won the opportunity to reinvent American democracy in ways that will break the stranglehold of big money, enable us to tackle the enormous challenges of the 21st century, and give Americans the open, honest,...