Art Levine

Art Levine is a contributing editor of The Washington Monthly and a former Health Policy Fellow with the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI). He is the author of PPI's 2005 report, “Parity-Plus: A Third Way Approach to Fix America's Mental Health System,” and is currently working on a book on mental-health issues. He also blogs at The Huffington Post. Follow at ArtL7 on Twitter.

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The Adventures of ... Money Man!

R obert Torricelli, junior senator from New Jersey and the man leading the Democratic effort to regain the Senate, is on the move. Sitting in the back seat of a black Lincoln Town Car on the way to a speech at a Jersey shore hospital, he's discussing his success raising money for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) he heads. At the end of 1999, his first year at the helm of the long-shot campaign to capture the Senate, the committee had 10 times as much cash on hand--nearly $11 million out of $25.5 million raised--as it had at the end of the previous off-year, 1997, leaving his organization with about $3 million more in the bank than the rival Republican committee. The Republicans have evidently met their match in Torricelli: a short, brash political counterpuncher, today sporting a well-tailored gray suit, his hair slicked back from a receding hairline, ready for the next fight. "We now have the best political operation in either party," he boasts. The senator's...