Our Most-Trafficked Pieces in 2012

  1. My So-Called Ex-Gay Life

    A deep look at the fringe movement that just lost its only shred of scientific support

  2. Ten Arguments Gun Advocates Make, and Why They're Wrong

    A guide to the debate we'll be having, or at least we ought to have

  3. The Coming Obama Landslide 

    How Paul Ryan makes a big win much more likely for the current president

  4. Romney Wins ... And It Won't Matter

    The former Massachusetts governor won the first presidential debate. Too bad it won't change the campaign.

  5. Pressing on the Upward Way

    A profile of life in one of the country's poorest counties

  6. Game, Set, Obama

    The president did exactly what he needed to in tonight's debate: He used Romney against Romney.

  7. The Emptiest Candidate in Presidential Election History

    Mitt Romney truly believes in nothing.

  8. Say Hello to President Romney

    The unlikely scenario in which the former Massachusetts governor wins the White House.

  9. The Truth about Welfare

    Mitt Romney's latest ad perpetuates on several myths about cash assistance for the poor. The Prospect debunks them.

  10. The Court's Scott Walker Moment

    Five justices tell public-employee unions they “tolerate” them—for now.

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