IMPEACH CHENEY FIRST. With the Democratic Party-controlled Congress unable to even bring a Senate a measure to a vote on the war, I have been loath to call for impeachment. It would take so much time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere. The Dems would never get enough Republicans to go along with them. And, heck, the Dems are poised to win the White House, anyway; let's just tough it out.

Problem is, the Constitution can't tough it out. Somebody has to defend it. If Bush and Cheney are allowed to walk out of office with out the stain of impeachment on them, the Constitution will still exist, but it will be gravely wounded -- perhaps mortally.

A recent poll by the American Research Group shows that 54 percent of the American people support impeachment of the vice president; 45 percent would like to see Bush impeached. And that's without a whit of organized marketing of the impeachment product (see the Bush administration's "show of force" brand, as described by the Rand Corporation), which would surely drive those numbers up.

So, start with Cheney while simultaneously marketing the notion of impeaching Bush. I'm open to suggestions for impeachment slogans.

--Adele M. Stan

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