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Michael Collis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
No line at the University of Pennsylvania polling place.

Laurence Moore, Santa Clara, California


Johanna Brugman, Washington state (where all ballots are by mail)
Aryeh Cohen-Wade, Rochester, New  York

Jason Packman, Japan

I live in Japan, and the county where I am now registered allows overseas voters to send in their ballot by fax (albeit with a waiver saying you forfeit your right to a secret ballot) So here is the fax machine I used the morning of the sixth in Japan to send in my ballot.


Njaila Rhee, Newark, New Jersey


Bernadette Kelly, New York City

Baruch College. Hour wait.


Jeremy, New York City

Here is my roommate Alex voting in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY 


Jamelle Bouie, Virginia


Patrick Caldwell, Washington, DC


Lisa Edelson

I voted absentee last week from this computer in Lausanne, Switzerland. I'm still waiting for them to e-mail back my "I voted" sticker. :-)


Dawn Thomas

My three children walking with me to vote.


Jeremy, Michigan


Chip Howard, Nogales, Arizona


Gabriel Arana, Washington, D.C.



Meredith, Ithaca, New York

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