Daily Meme: Must. Kill. Obamacare.

  • Despite the invincible conviction on the right that Obamacare is a disaster and that Americans are losing their health insurance, a newly released Gallup poll shows the number of people without insurance has declined to 15.6 percent—its lowest level since 2008. The rate of uninsured dropped among all age groups, but the Affordable Care Act has made a significant dent in the number of poor and minority Americans without insurance.
  • As Joan McCarter at Daily Kos points out, the Gallup numbers are key to undermining the Republican talking point that most of those signing up on the insurance exchanges already had health insurance. 
  • The GOP's response? Must. Kill. Obamacare—also the party's strategy for winning the midterms.
  • Fox News contributor Juan Williams says while that may have worked in 2010, it's no surefire bet this time—and Republicans have no Plan B.
  • The question, writes The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn, is not whether Obamacare is making a difference. "The question is how big a difference the law is making. And it's going to be a while before anyone knows. " 
  • Are some Republicans growing soft in their opposition? 
  • Not if the Drudge Report has anything to do with it.
  • Even if the health-care law is clear in its success, says Washington Monthly's Ed Kilgore, Republicans will shift gears from assailing the efficacy of the law to pointing out how it's increased Americans' reliance on government.